Yutaka Mori


6A ART GALLERY hosts the first individual in Spain of the Japanese artist YUTAKA MORI. The artist, from 2013, has fixed his residence in Asturias (Spain), where also installed his Studio. Virtually self- taught, he developed part of their training at the school of fine arts of Oviedo (Asturias/ Spain). YUTAKA MORI’s work is part of outstanding private and institutional collections such as the Pilar Citoler Collection, Foundation Banc de Sabadell, Ofelia Marln & Javier Núñez Collection, Fundación Canaria for the development of painting Collection, among others. The YUTAKA MORI’s works started its presence in the usual exhibitions in JUSTMAD’14, and since then the presence of his works happens both in galleries as in contemporary art fairs, nationals and Internacionals. The artista works assumes a strong artistic presence wherever he goes. YUTAKA MORI based part of his creative process in the field of research within the parameters of kinetic art, creating quite vibrant pictorial fields. In an effort to investigate insistently on the differents suchs as paper, canvas, color, geometry… get a forceful language, visually delicate. The first reading makes the Viewer to be captivated by the beauty, but the artist invites you to discover the complexity of a work governed by the architecture, sculpture, painting, mathematics and even music, where the mm is the best ally in the creative fact. We are faced with a conceptually delicate work, resolved with a high an esthetic quality. A work that leaves out the influence of oriental culture. The vibration generated by the artist in each of its works is felt in greater or lesser intensity as the viewer moves. Different paper planes closer to looking the subjective optical game, resulting a powerful visual Poetics, beyond perceptual play. YUTAKA MORI is synonymous with elegance. 6A ART Gallery by the work of this artist is full from the outset. With this exhibition our gallery is open to new horizons, where contemporary art is the undisputed protagonist, either in the form of unique piece or in the form of original graphic work.