Your Erotic Place. Joan Àvila



Eroticism in which characters in the environment closest to JOAN AVILA (even himself) are lost merges with art that follows a bold and fresh movement. The artist, undoubtedly is characterized by humor and its stroke towards life. The Avila more cynical and daring enters 6A GALERIA D’ART, with a speech that is fun, with a nod to a society that confronts situations provocative, especially if these have to do with sex for the first time. Avila invites US to find the site more fun and twisted, to meet with our own ‘erotic place’ in our consciousness. On this occasion artist has had the collaboration of Bel Font (Director, 6A GALERIA D’ART) to equip with the word their images, an explosive and fun collaboration at the same time. According to statements of the artist “to give shape to YOUR EROTIC PLACE works I’ve based the most fun and daring of the models that I have portrayed with acid humor and mischievousness, always from the respect”. The combination of image and Word is offset, between Picardy and the aggravation of the images and the gall to titles that accompany. The close collaboration between the artist and the TALLER 6A note to make an overall reading of exposure. Avila started his stage in TALLER 6A, with a preconceived idea, although this has been transformed to give shape to YOUR EROTIC PLACE. According to the artist “really when you come to the workshop to make a series of pieces that you have in your head, the technique takes you to another path. You may condition the environment far from the study. But the philosophy of the 6A GALERIA D’ART and TALLER 6A to give full freedom to the creator and put at your disposal all the technical possibilities of traditional printing, it is relaxing. It is another way of living the process, it is difficult and easy at the same time”.