XS an intimate format

XS, an intimate format

When we talk about small formats in art, we often refer to them with the “intimate” concept. This exhibition is about the intimacy in art. The idea that we can have about intimacy is closely related to the internal, that often cannot be shown, or that if it shows implicitly a certain modesty. The main objective is to show an intimate part of the artist, the direct manifestation of their intimacy embodied in the work and that can be close to the public. In this exhibition, we want to reflect on the most intimate of the artistic condition: the most intimate sensations that take place inside the artists, in this case, and that are reflected in their works. Each intimate representation constitutes a variation of the artist’s internal person: the fact of teaching it to the public implies stripping away this internal “I”. The idea of ​​bringing together different artists who express their intimacy under one project is always tempting. In this process, the profiles are refined and the idea of ​​how each one expresses the intimacy becomes concrete. XS is not only based on something purely personal, but it also emphasizes language, which in the end can be related to the communicative and sensorial fact that we can find in the artistic field: making the intimacy a work.

It is precisely through the art that we communicate, and this fact impacts on the idea of intimacy. So, we ask us if privacy is really private. Art allows expressing and demonstrating the communicative fact: the intimate and private communication of each individual, which in this case flows to the public. In fact, intimacy and community are not opposed, so the first is done in the second. Thus, intimacy is precisely a form of communication in which the individual hides a part of himself for the certain modesty that involves showing it: to expose the intimate, what reveals oneself, is an act of courage. The authenticity of intimacy is precisely such that it is not possible to deceive oneself or the spectator, in this case.

It is in this intimate act, both in format and content, where the artist is most free. The artist releases his most internal reflections, such as small sculptures, oil paintings on wood, drawings, collages and original graphic work. Intimacy, always true and authentic, demonstrates the creativity and expressiveness of the artists in an unequivocal and totally sincere way. Without intimacy there is no sincerity: it is at this point where XS tries to reach, the most sincere intimacy of the artists put at the reach of the public.

The intimate reflections by Carles Valverde, Dolors Sampol, Fernando Pagola, Joan Cortès, Joan Riutort, Lola Berenguer, Maria Carbonero, Pablo Leonardo Martinez, Pep Coll, Rafa Forteza and Ramon Canet are reflections made from the freedom offered by the intimate format; a sample of the direct manifestation of the intimacy embodied in the work and made close to the public. Despite the different languages and supports, XS brings together a group of artists and works under the expressive fact of intimacy.


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