Tête à tête. Lola Berenguer + Pepa Satué


For the first time, throughout their extensive and intense trajectories, the Andalusian artists LOLA BERENGUER and PEPA SATUÉ are in a project hand-in-hand. Two discourses governed by the purest abstraction coexist thanks to the painting, the sculpture and the original graphic work in our space. Months of work in his studies, combined with a stay in the workshops of Workshop 6A have generated a full result.

Lola Berenguer bases his work on pure and refined geometric abstraction, realizing series of works that are characterized by the presence of geometric shapes with very sharp profiles that articulate each other. With a subtle and elegant geometry, but in turn of forceful forms, Lola Berenguer can deceive the viewer by the use of massive geometric forms that seem made in collage, but always treated with acrylic. For this particular project, Lola Berenguer presents a series of unique pieces in acrylic on wood / canvas, along with a series of original graphic works done in the 6A workshops.

The works of Pepa Satué are characterized by a formal investigation in geometry with the search for equilibria and tensions, which break the purely flat space of the figure, taking it to the limit of experimentation through its series. The artist works in volume but with geometric abstraction always as the protagonist. For this specific project, Pepa Satué presents a series of unique pieces: both sculptures and papers (using the technique of digital printing enriched with drawing by hand), along with a series of original graphic works done in the 6A workshops. For the part of graphic work, Pepa Satué, apart from lithography, experimented with woodcut.