The contrast, we often are useful to opt for one option or the other. We live in a society some what defeated in front of immediacy. So much so that the people submit to the leisures how a moment of his life, but only for a few hours. The contrast in this idea is so strong as one is “yes” followed o fa ‘no’.

The desire to display part of intimacy, despite playing with favor, or not, of the 24 hour time limit, it contrasts with the desire of looking, motivated by empty curiosity, or a bold interest. #stories seeks to show that the painting is and remains, it is a reality to experience the time you want, thanks to the initiative of being exhibited in an exhibition space. The painting has acquired throughout history a great value, because it has allowed us to become aware of the origin of our existence, thought, identity, history. Our Gallery proposes a project where the narrative painting is the protagonist, without the need to be faithful reflection of reality.

The works of Ángeles Agrela (Jaén, 1966), Ana Cabello (Inca/ Mallorca, 1987), Federico Granell, Cangas del Narcea/ Asturias, 1974), Emmanuel Lafont (Argentina, 1980), Guillermo Peñalver (Tarragona, 1982) and Helena Toraño (Llanes/ Asturias, 1984) capture on canvas or on paper, by painting, graphite or collage, its own reality, is observed or experienced, frozen by the brush or tarnished by his imagination, all within a few creative processes governed by the mastery of the craft.

The term #stories is rooted in society, probably happens one of the phenomena most analyzed, questioned, desired that rejected, that marks in many cases social million users activity.
With the work of 6 artists, breaking part of the sense of the concept, offering the public the possibility of enjoying the work more than 24 hours in a real, non-virtual space where people put the look from a real perspective, where Viewer establishes interest what time you would like to look in the book, the stroke, the stroke… Finally and within are a reality that allow the succession of gazes over time.

6a Art Gallery brings together 6 artists on lathe the same idea, looking for diversity in the discourses and artistic languages. For the first time the 6 artists meet in the same project. They all have in common that they tell stories, their stories, some are reals others unreal, all could be…