Reflected Lights. Santiago Picatoste


Santiago Picatoste (Palma, 1971) has worked for a month in our workshop, TALLER 6A. The artist is designing REFLECTED LIGHTS from a year ago. Based on a previous sketch as a digital work, the artist has found in the most archaic traditional print technique: woodcut, its best ally. This can be defined as the first contact of the artist with the technique. He has made an intensive process of adaptation to the technique for an interesting series of woodcuts in which colour plays an important role. The artist has changed his artistic language, which is evident in the series REFLECTED LIGHTS, an interesting serie of images, through which the artist reveals for the first time the expressive universe that opens in this new stage of creative, dynamic, where the light, colour and the “no color”, propose a speech, that in spite of incipient, becomes daring and sign. Picatoste has used mainly the woodcut and the lithograph technics. He has used more than 30 woods as well as different lithographic stones to give shape to the project.