Ramon Canet


Ramon Canet (Palma, 1950) gives form to a complete exhibition, where paintings, sculptures and original graphic work, are the reason of this project. The artist is author of a solid abstraction that defines his career from its beginnings, early 1970’s. The artist has always submitted his pictorial experience from the coherence and the absolute respect for his work. He has managed to combine to perfection and in a balanced way his painting with a huge work in the field of traditional printing techniques. Certainly he was one of the promoters of Taller 6A, defending the idea of the original graphic works as an expressive medium in itself same. He has signed and numbered exquisite editions limited, edited and printed by woodcut, etching and lithographic techniques. He hasn’t lost over the years, the spirit of tireless researcher about the technique. His original graphic work, enriches the artistic field and the purely technical, to equal parts. We find the most pictorial Canet in his unique piece, in his lithographies, and in his sculptures. It is precisely his sculptural work, the more reserved, and limited to the privacy of his study. Canet finds himself in his pictorial maturity, and we will be partakers of this in this exhibition, the last of the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of the 6A (The Gallery and the Workshop).