No One Asked You To Save Me. Ana Cabello


NO ONE ASKED YOU TO SAVE ME, invites us to a reflection deep, with pictorial arguments crated by ANA CABELLO, towards to the unknown, the strange, the prohibited, the condemned, the monster. It talks about our society, our fears and disappointments; things that project the unease generated by the political and social decisions. With a clear reference to the posters of the 50’s cinema, the speech is clear: not all has to be or white or black. The protagonist of the story don’t have to die or be rescued. ANA CABELLO offers us some nuances between the vulnerable victim, frightened and the “Final Girl”, capable of do facing those worst fears beyond of the eroticized image, with her physical conditions, not both for escape but to deal with the situation, with their best tools: the painting and the lithograph. With the influence of the cinematographic field she asks: “What would happen if the woman don’t wants to be rescued?” causing the consciousness of the observer, until the analysis thorough of ideologies, feelings faced, thoughts repressed and of the fear. The artist emits a clear message: part of a partnership with an established order, but without giving up our freedom of action, decision. It’s how beauty turns the monster, dominates it, disassemble it, and disarming it. NO ONE ASKED YOU TO SAVE ME is an ode to the dignity, but not both physical and intellectual, and which is composed of a series of works, in which the painting unfolds on wood, accompanied by a series of original lithographs, fruit of the staying of the artist in the 6A Studio. This year, 6A GALERIA D’ART _ EDICIONS 6A OBRA GRÀFICA_ TALLER 6A celebrates 35 years and to begin to celebrate it, doing it as always we have done, with respect for the art, the craft, the technique, the concerns, the illusion, the stimulation,… elements that are in the work and its author: ANA CABELLO.