#mira. Col·lectiva


#mira is a project that invites the viewer to a deep and careful look, to assess as it deserves the work of Oriol Angrill, Emmanuel Lafont and Nauzet Mayor. They are part of the generation of young artists, who firmly believes and defends the trade, above the final result of the work. With true romanticism they put to disposal his creative process for the traditional technical of stamping, as the lithograph, of more than 200 years of antiquity. The three artists are defined by the virtuosity to represent reality (Angrill and Lafont thanks to the pencil and Mayor thanks to the modeling of ceramic). Someone is speaking about a new renaissance of figurative art, and others think that it has never died. The process to shaping to this project has been slow and laborious. Here, art and patience moved any virtuosity or know-how. The pleasure is immense when you can develop a project with an exceptional creative raw material. But the pleasure grows when in 6A ART GALLERY_ EDICIONS 6A OBRA GRÀFICA _ TALLER 6A we can see that new generations have the capacity to fall in a technique, for many condemned to disappear. The creative capacity of the three artists in #mira is so large that it isn’t enough with a single glance.