Lenguajes Anexos. Rafa Forteza


The artist RAFA FORTEZA (Palma, 1955), presents Lenguajes Anexos, an ambitious solo project, results from the stage of the artist in our workshop TALLER 6A for three months. Forteza exhibits his artistic discourse through sculpture and especially through the original graphic work, mainly printed using lithographic technique. The artist has drawn directly on numerous lithographic stones in order to accommodate its infinite pictorial universe. Many stones have been necessary since if there is anything that characterizes the work of Forteza is extensive chromatic range. On the other hand, RAFA FORTEZA has had at its disposal our workshop of multiple of sculpture, which has carried out a series of images that take figurative forms, without power to get rid of abstraction that characterized the work of the author. According to the own FORTEZA, has sought in this project “anti” because he wanted to show his work from a different perspective, rejecting any Museum rules. From our point of view, we believe that the artist has experienced a positive feeling throughout the process, and this emotion is conveyed in the exhibition. RAFA FORTEZA shows your domain with the pure lithographic technique that we discover, the more sincere, more explosive, FORTEZA willing to impose the force of the essence of lithography: a single stone, a single color. “Divertimento” is the word that could well linking Rafa Forteza ANNEXES LANGUAGES.