Joan Cortés


Even when it seems that he haven’t used it, often is after acrylic resins, or simply the sophisticated black or pure white. JOAN CORTES (Pollença- Mallorca, 1963) is the author of a project with essence to wood. An everyday item such as a table is the reason enough to create an exhibition project where art, technical, work, elegance and strength go hand in hand in the same direction. The forms are dressed in black and white.
The compositions of multiple tables on the same work become architectures with impossible perspectives. He doesn’t forgets his origins, so he was served of them. Sculptures of wood, pure white, perfect in form and execution, along with the original graphic work based on the technique of woodcut or engraving on wood, make a consistent project, reason to be of the work of the artist. It should be noted the perfection with which the artist works engraving directly on wood to present his speech on paper, in the form of exquisite limited edition. This project generated the need for non-stop, and keep the open project, in evolution, to the point of generating site- specific installation THEOREM OF SPACE that has been seen in cities like London and Cologne (Germany) to returns to its origin, the artist home: Mallorca.