Floema. Mònica Fuster


Notes about Floema project

The starting point of the floema project is the study of nature, and more specifically of Botany. Though this project is at a stage of construction and permanent transformation, began to develop in May 2011 with the need to design and create vertical gardens two, one outside, Jardins de Tramuntana (Ctra Valldemossa Km 9’6 Mallorca) and on the inside, in the 6A GALERIA D’ART. In parallel to the realization of these gardens have been developing a visual body from drawings, prints, photographs, films and living sculptures that make up the entire project. In botanical terms called phloem vascular tissue of plants responsible for conducting the SAP of photosynthetic organs towards the rest of the body of the plant. This concept serves as the backbone of the work and also my creation system, which was built gradually while it created a network of interrelations, which can be perceived through the video documentary produced in conjunction with Françoise Polo. The film begins with the process of the realization of the vertical garden from a purely pictorial and sensitive, prism as a mural of life, where you create into a universe of caos-order limited. This video of the first process embraces the most representative drawings until the construction of garden and its metamorphosis as narrates part of the elaboration of a set of abstract works based on simultaneity, the pace and overlapping concepts implicit in the garden. All this will result in the transformation of the representation of
the garden in a metaphor. What I have presented in Paris at the Kärtner Gallery, the month of May is a part of this process through preparatory drawings, photographs and documentary. The proposal in its entirety is presented in 6A GALERIA D’ART thanks to a specific project for your space. The work merges with nature, to create a world in itself, a world of images that are interrelated, overlapping to create a kind of visual and narrative network built by analogies. The Gallery becomes a compound of concrete of unexpected density, a finite and the infinite. The project was in itself a kind of empirical experience for a busy Royal Garden and at the same time imaginary, built and at the same time deconstructed. Thanks to: 6A GALERIA D’ART, Jardins de Tramuntana, Françoise Polo, Pepe Cañabate and Pere Coll.

Mònica Fuster (June 2012)