Under a word game, 6A GALERIA D’ART presents an exhibition in which sculpture is the undisputed protagonist, accompanied, as usual in all the projects presented by the Gallery, of the original graphic work. The word game is not casual. Last year, 6A celebrated 35 years of history. 35 years dedicated to the culture. Now, after a year of celebration, it’s time for reflection. And the result is always the same, the commitment for Culture. There is no doubt that 6A GALERIA D’ART and the TALLER 6A, have become an institution in the field of traditional printing techniques, as well as in the world of original art edition. “For us it is very important to generate projects that add up. Right now we think that it is necessary to add quality and excellence. Bet on art and quality. Generate Culture “.
The collective exhibition raises the argument from the walls to the space. The exhibed artistic discourses are very different, but they dialogue in abstraction, both in geometry and in the most organic volume. Diversity is also found in the different artistic processes and in the uses of different materials. Different metals, noble woods, acrylic resins and porcelain coexist in space. The exhibition provokes a reflection on sculpture as an expressive medium in volume research. The careful editions of original graphic work, stamped in the workshops of Taller 6A and edited by Edicions 6a Obra Gràfica, are a counterbalance. Thus, the original graphic work is confirmed as an expressive medium in itself. “The easy thing (and that it is not) is to put the original graphic work next to the painting. The difficult thing is to face the volume. See how the work of the sculptor responds to the investigation of the volume, and at the same time how the result is by the drawing on the lithographic stone. This is what interests us. In the end, the project gives the same importance to all the works and invites the public to all kinds of reflections “.
Once again 6A GALERIA D’ART brings together a group of artists to shape a project that will be shown in at least two phases, with the second part expected to be shown towards the end of the year. És/cultura brings together the work of artists Joan Cortes, Pep Guerrero, Victoria Maldonado, Pablo L. Martínez, Simon Oud, Carles Valverde and Tomeu Ventayol.

Joan Cortés is a regular collaborator to the house. The artist in this occasion, is faithful to the elegance of white and black, and in the forcefulness of the volume. He accompanies the sculpture with lithographic editions, as way to see the sketches prior to the volume.

Pep Guerrero shows a selection of oil painting adapted to the object, in this time porcelain pieces. The work of the artist is based on a completely alteration to the academicism of traditional pictorial support, because he wants to find, in common objects second chances, granting them the innate nobility in the work of art. At the same time, Guerrero combines the oil technique with the collage, deceiving the observer’s eye. The final veiling enhances the deception to the point that sows the doubt between the painted motif and the collage motif. The artist includes two lithographic editions with collage wit a non-traditional format.

Victoria Maldonado participates for the second time in a collective exhibition of the Gallery. The mastery of enameled porcelain that the creator has, makes her signing works with a delicacy against natural laws. The fragility of her works is the turning point in an exhibition in which the forcefulness of the works of other artists create a very special contrast. At the same time, Maldonado is not left behind conceptually. The works, although fragile, have an impressive visual power.

Pablo L. Martínez controls the combination of different materials like nobody else. Sculptures are created from the coexistence of different planes that generate delicate volumes. The noble wood combined with the steel marks the works in which Martínez imposes his speech in the collective of the Gallery. His work is light and solid, and demonstrates the balance that can be generated between two materials of such different hardness.

Simon Oud shows his work for the second time in Mallorca (the first occasion was also in 6A). Oud shows in each works the absolute dominion of the craft of metal. Irregular geometric figures that form in each fold of the metal plate, create volumes that protrude from the walls. In this occasion Oud shows subtle changes in the different planes forcing the observer to analyze all the planes of each work. Only then, the combination of zinc and brass can be understood.

Carles Valverde is more than a regular collaborator at 6A. The artist knows how to bring the extreme the dialogue between sculpture and architecture. Valverde creates tensions in the verticals and horizontals that shape the work. Always the patinated iron is the protagonist. The work of the hands of the author make the volumes appear as one piece. Valverde’s work, in this occasion, shows the conceptual power of adaptation to space. The artist shows the sculpture accompanied by a delicate edition of intaglio engraving, more specifically of etching, stamped on the workshops of Taller 6a.

Tomeu Ventayol is a complete creator. Renowned painter and sculptor. The iron is the indispensable element in the investigation of the volume, due to its delicate speech, where the line takes the most important plane. The minimal expression of urban transport, where light touches of color on white give us a deep perspective. Ventayol lightens materials such as the iron thanks to the purification of forms, both in painting and sculpture. The artist shows a series of sculptures, accompanied by two lithographic editions.