Carles Valverde


As part of the celebrations for the 35th anniversary of 6A GALERIA D’ART – WORKSHOP 6A, the artist Carles Valverde realizes a specific project for our space. A project where the original graphic work done in the Workshop 6A during April 2017, that will establish the rhythm with sculptures made on purpose. The intuitive but precise geometry with great rigor and sobriety that characterizes the work of Carles Valverde, will establish dialogue with the architecture that defines our exhibition space of different levels, different levels, where the sensuality of the noble materials worked by the artist will coexist with color sporadic and light that complement his work. The sculpture, of patined or oxidized steel, is oriented along the basic axes: horizontality and verticality, but always taking into account the space for which it has been conceived, establishing a game of harmony and reference with the walls. The sculptures unfold in space, extending their mass to articulate volumes or cuts of metal. With sculpture, the artist sometimes provokes the intervention of the spectator, inviting the manipulation of solid steel blocks to find a solution of presentation, always transient and personal, different from that of the artist. In our workshop, the artist has worked on different techniques such as woodcutting, engraving and lithography to satisfy his research interests. Using different techniques and different formats, the artist generates a discourse, as an extension of the sculptural element, where movement and color are fundamental to understand the work. Thus, realizing a series that revolves around the same motif, but with traditional techniques of stamping so diverse, the artist conveys the feeling that moves him in the search of volume, obtaining different readings of the Whole.