Abstraccions. Col·lectiva


The work of the artists LOLA BERENGUER (El Ejido, Almería, 1965), RAMON CANET (Palma, 1950), MARIA CARBONERO (Palma, 1956), JOAN CORTÉS (Pollença, 1963), PABLO L. MARTINEZ (La Habana, Cuba, 1961), FERNANDO PAGOLA (San Sebastián, 1961) and JOSE MARIA YTURRALDE (Cuenca, 1942), give form to ABSTRACCIONS. An exhibition project in which original graphic art, sculpture and painting propose a dialogue without interference. 6A ART GALLERY proposes this exhibition with clear references to the past and the present, to create a complete project. Is the first time that the artist LOLA BERENGUER presents his work in Mallorca. The incorporation of the artist in our gallery and in particular in this project, not is casual. The elegance, the proper execution of the work, clarity of line, coherence, as well as the possibility to translate your language into original graphic work, has made possible the collaboration. The work of RAMON CANET is defined by a natural and balanced combination of power and elegance. But if there is a feature that not passes unnoticed, is as the work of CANET can go from the subtlety of the format intimate, until the force of the large format. With a long experience in traditional printing techniques, the artist enjoys the maximum level of experimentation to the extent that is allowed to alter the nature of the techniques, giving more prominence to color. Is a pleasure rediscover MARIA CARBONERO as an important artist in the abstraction, thanks to the original graphic work of 1986, edited by Edicions 6a Obra Gràfica. The artist begins his career in the painting in which the force of the gesture is the protagonist undisputed, with clear influences of the American Abstract Expressionism, for evolve naturally towards the Expressionism more deep, with a clear look to the German School. The artist JOAN CORTÉS proposes a dialogue between the black and white of the sculpture, pausing with the Red of the graphic work. Rectilinees form a line constitutional’s face in the other. The Dapper volume becomes the thread. Stages generated part of the rhythm of his artistic discourse. As a witness to the fight, the original graphic work gradually, as a result of a study on the network that flees of perfection to which usually artist, free of formalities, the lithographic stone. PABLO L. MARTÍNEZ begans with his presence in the exhibition of a new relationship with 6A ART GALLERY. It is not the first time presenting their work in Mallorca. Wood, stainless steel, aluminum and iron, become allies in the privacy of the study. On this occasion the artist shows relay modular that drink from the constructivism. Decomposition of forms around the circumference is broken due to the straight line. In this case stainless steel and aluminum accompany Martinez in abstraction. A few years ago the artist FERNANDO PAGOLA joined the Group of artists, collaborators common 6A ART GALLERY. The experience of the artist in the field of architecture, makes dominating that his work provides an important spatial speech, pronunciation thanks to mount prints in geometric volumes of wood. The evening of the movement, along with the opaque geometry of color, creates a very interesting volume game. Black set the pace, the order. The color alters the order creating a series of 8 images, vibrant. PAGOLA proposal invites the Viewer to experience the more graphical sculptural works, in that volume of movement and generate visual motion. The incorporation of the original graphic work, 1968 Edition, JOSÉ MARÍA YTURRALDE becomes the point of review of one of the most recognized abstractions in contemporary art. He works with impossible figures combines impossible perspectives, generate geometry of kinetic art, with the more strident colors. The artist is a figure indispensable in the abstraction geometric, more beyond of the work that have come developing, is author of the books “Estructuras 19681972: Series Triangular- Cuadrado-Cubos-Prismas”; “La cuarta dimensión. Ensayo metodológico para la proyección geométrica de estructuras N-Dimensionales”. Coautor en “Hypergraphics. Visualizing Complex Relationship in Art, Science and Technology”. The point that completes the project, ABSTRACCIONS, a new proposal for 6A ART GALLERY and TALLER 6A to be 35 years old.