A l’Ombra de Perkain. Fernando Pagola


Under the shadow of Perkain is the first project of FERNANDO PAGOLA with 6A GALERIA D’ART, which is a continuation of the project that the artist presented in January 2010 in the Gallery Moisés Pérez de Albéniz (Pamplona- SPAIN), under the same title. The artist has focused its attention artistic in the traditional print technics by some months. The result: twenty limited editions, edits using techniques such as lithography, the woodcut, and others, created from a common idea: the pediment and the basc ball game. These two elements make up some of the themes recurring of the work of Pagola. Coexistence between abstraction and figuration met again in the character of Basque pelota player as he had been the figure of the Balearic Slinger. In fact the artist insists in this connection of two mythological figures almost in their respective territories, with which we can feel identified our roots. For the ball Basque, also there is a relationship between the body physical and the “pelotari” with its environment architectural, that in this case is a beauty simple and fundamental: the form of base space that constitutes them three walls of the pediment in which is develops the game. The resonance plastic is elemental in its manifestations architectural and that as the body, you allow delve in the origin and development of this game archaic, finding references in the world old and classic. The exhibition is completed with the projection of a video that pays tribute to the pioneers of cinema and photography as Edward Muybridge, Etienne-Jules Marey or Albert Londe, in an attempt to unify the two parts that make up this exhibition: architecture and the physical part of the players. From a simple scheme of altered photocopies, treated like succession boxes, the artist attempts to recreate the basic movement of the players. Chromatic treatment and textural sculptural effect of the search for the body, along with the sound that was recorded directly from the fronton, creates an effect of heady of certain visual lyricism and great strength. Edicions 6a Obra Gràfica, in collaboration with Moisés Pérez de Albéniz, has co-edited a book of artist who becomes a piece of sculpture that synthesizes in an edition of 10 exemplars, the most complete sense Under the shadow of Perkain.