Once again 6a TALLER I GALERIA D’ART is proud to present 6 A SIS, a project led by Lola Berenguer (El Ejido, Almería, 1965), Emmanuel Lafont (Buenos Aires, 1980), Pablo Leonardo Martínez (Havana, Cuba , 1961), Fernando Pagola (San Sebastián, 1961), Pepa Satué (Seville, 1960) and Carlos Valverde (Barcelona, ​​1965). Continuing with the celebration of the 40th anniversary  our center, we wanted to reflect the esteem that both our team and the artists have in terms of artistic processes and the preservation of printing techniques. It is for this reason that, with no apparent connection of styles, we have brought these six artists together under the same roof. Being residents outside of Mallorca, all of them are united by the same bond: the artistic creation of original graphic work in the historic Taller 6A, soul of the house. LOLA BERENGUER, faithful to her style of geometric abstraction, captivates us on this occasion thanks to new patterns. Both in the original graphic work and in the unique work, the straight line accentuates its presence; grids and semicircles come together in a dance impregnated with color. Harmony and balance are always synonymous with the work itself. EMMANUEL LAFONT surprises us for the first time with an exaggerated use of color. Its two aspects, one more surreal and the other hyper-realistic, come together and break away from the monochrome compositions to give way to an explosion of colours. Dreams and reality meet in a figurative abstraction, where he shows, on the one hand, his most fantastic perception in graphic work; and on the other, its most intimate reality in the unique work.PABLO LEONARDO MARTÍNEZ presents to us a cult of wood. After having worked with all kinds of materials, he offers us two unique works in which the organic and the abstract come together, mix, and result in the Llavors series, the return to Earth. It is the perfect combination between the natural and the material. FERNANDO PAGOLA, honoring his motto “inevitable drawing volumes”, opens his doors to his agenda drawings. They are geometric drawings with volumes that show interest in the creation of space and shapes from their superimposition. His relationship with architecture and space knocks on our door again to present us with the most intimate, most personal part, where the mechanical transforms into geometric figures with an overflowing personality. PEPA SATUÉ presents, once again, the immensity of volumes and the games of geometric abstraction. The black straight line as the main axis stands out against the colored rectangles that it applies, giving the work that dynamism so sought after and so well presented. For this occasion, Pepa Satué presents us with graphic work made up of a series of prints where the simplicity of volumes extends onto paper. At the same time, it also presents a unique work of painting where geometric forms reach a new value due to the expression of color that seems to flood the entire canvas. CARLES VALVERDE, master of intuitive geometry, presents us with a series of metal sculptures together with a series of original graphic work where the creation of volumes and movement reigns. Thanks to flat fields, with reliefs enhanced by the incorporation of metallic pieces using the collage technique that make up the fundamental concept. Characterized by a precision of great vigor and sobriety, he establishes a dialogue with the architecture of the exhibition space where he creates. He manages to play with the use of noble materials with color and light to express it in a harmonious whole. In short, with the inauguration of the exhibition 6A SIS, the aim is to vindicate that relevance is not found in the similarity of style between artists, but in the passion they share for work, for creation. The passion that each one of them shows in their own work and by the fact that they have found the same expressive medium in the traditional printing process, thanks to the welcome from the 6A house. How could it be otherwise, the SIX creators wanted to be present at the 40th anniversary celebrations of what has now become an Institution, but ultimately, their home, their creative and technical refuge is on the island.