A WINTER’S TALE by EMMANUEL LAFONT / opening october 2017

A WINTER’S TALE by EMMANUEL LAFONT / opening october 2017

[A winter’s tale by Emmanuel Lafont

Opening: october 2017 

The artist Emmanuel Lafont presents A winter’s tale, a result of many months of research. The artist is recognized as a collector of old photographs that seeks among the antique shops of different cities to visit. A single photograph actives his creative process to the absolute limits. A winter’s tale begins with an important finding: an album of photographs from the 1940s environment to the first communion of a child called Franz Maes. The artist has felt the need of approaching the figure of this unknown character traveling to Belgium, which has generated new parallel images to you. While the research process has not reported all desired fruit, that it has brought a third reality created by himself. Certainly Lafont based his creative process in the previous investigation on the past, live intensely the present until you come to a reality that comes in the form of assemblies of disconnected images away from the traditional collage, comes thanks to a domain all of the drawing. A winter’s tale offers a set of realities that the artist has made his, where the Viewer is unknown to what extent are real or not. Lafont invites us to enter into their world, a fantasy world where everything is possible and even the ability to always be real, thanks to the drawing. This time Lafont based the project on the tireless research of information on photographs and items between age 20 and 50 from different parts of Europe that has personally visited (from the mentioned Belgium, to Berlin, passing by the) French town of Grenoble) obtaining a set of works made by different techniques. An important part of the project shows us an Emmanuel Lafont open to new materials and formats. For the first time the artist presents works by large format (mural) made by charcoal directly on fabric. And on the other hand the artist includes color and the woodcut to enrich the original lithograph. A winter’s tale is a project of ambitious and very intimate, thanks to which we can enjoy the work of Emmanuel Lafont, as he had never before shown.

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