/BALETA /CAMPANO /CLARAMUNT ’80. A cult exhibition in 6A Art Gallery

/BALETA /CAMPANO /CLARAMUNT ’80. A cult exhibition in 6A Art Gallery

Opening: 20th september 2018 at 19h.

For the first time an exhibition focuses on the work of these three artists, conducted in a very specific time. BALETA, CAMPANO and CLARAMUNT, coincide among other things, in that the three left their mark on contemporary art in Mallorca in the 80s. Today they coincide in a humble exercise of proximity to their work, to technique, to a context, proposed by 6A ART GALLERY, with a special analysis of the results that gave the stays, not simultaneous, of these creators in the first years of Workshop 6A. The goal: to have one more perspective, one more reading. Certainly, the Mallorca of the 80s was a creative cradle in constant movement. It was the moment in which an important generation, of unquestionable talent, returned to Mallorca with the polished craft in an effervescent “out of home”. It was a generation moved and removed by the concern to know what was done beyond the dignity of “Autumn Rooms”, beyond academic easels, and with the desire to break, from the respect, established schemes, opening the way thank you to the creative process. That movement, without labels, put Mallorca in the spotlight. It must be recognized that Mallorca at that time had a large group of spontaneous ambassadors in the classrooms, mainly from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona, ​​or in improvised gatherings in the most traditional cafés of the Capital or of Barcelona itself. That generation was not defined by chronology, but by the need to express itself beyond the known and in many cases recognized. There are many who speak of a generation that took the responsibility of recovering the painting as maximum exponent in contemporary art. The exchange of thoughts, ideas and objectives, between creators born on the island and the foreigners, forged genuine synergies, engaged in friendship and shared admiration, all consented and motivated by the “painting of painters”.

Within that movement, defined by the flow between Mallorca and what came from outside, we find, pleasantly, MAGÍ BALETA, MIGUEL ÁNGEL CAMPANO and LUIS CLARAMUNT. They coincide in many points, but to mention one, we are fascinated by the fact that the landscape, the environment, Mallorcan invaded them until the brushstroke, destined to mark milestones in their trajectories. The three creators are in painting in freedom, as something sacred. They root and emanate, their deepest pictorial romantic experiences.

This is a cult exhibition, a tribute to the “painting of painters” of the 80s, of great artistic and technical value. It is a tribute to three artists from outside Mallorca, that we lack today, influenced by the Mallorcan landscape, not so much as an aesthetic motif, but as a principle that activates the creative process, to convert the land, the environment, into painting. A painting that at the same time unfolds on paper (or canvas) directly or indirectly in stamp format. For the first time an exhibition shows in the same space the work of these three authors, contextualized in the decade of the 80s. Three creators, who worked in the 6a workshop when the artistic scene in Mallorca was in effervescence. Three artists who turned the landscape, nature, environment and experiences into exceptional works of unquestionable quality, thanks in this case to the original painting and graphic work. One more perspective to understand the strong presence of Mallorca in contemporary art.

Bel Font/ September, 2018

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