At the rate of a Gold Medal of the City

At the rate of a Gold Medal of the City

On December 31, 2018, Palma’s City council presented the City Gold Medal to 6a GALERIA D’ART/TALLER 6a, in recognition of a trajectory of 36 years in the world of culture. This is a well-received acknowledgement. 

Only those who do and live culture, know that we also suffer. Doing what you like and what you think requires an effort, to a greater or lesser extent, according to the moment, but always with a sense of responsibility and commitment, which does not understand measures. The history of the 6A is known and not only by this last recognition. Since its inception, in 1982 we have maintained the spirit of carrying out a work that can add to our culture, from the field of contemporary art and traditional stamping techniques. Looking back we feel nostalgia remembering the missing artists, and they both meant and dignified our work. As a result of this inevitable look at the past, when we receive such recognition, we become aware of the effort; of the immense illusion; of some other disappointment; of moments of euphoria; of the debates, never sterile; of so many trials; of the results fought at the same pace as enjoyed; of hours and hours of research; of doubts and uncertainties lurking; of technical difficulties; of successes as encouragement; of the wealth that the experience gives us; among many other perceptions. And all of a sudden we know we’re. The more than 1,600 images edited, of more than 120 authors, are there. 

The spirit of wanting to go beyond the lithographic stone, the copper plate or the wood matrix, the ink, the paper, the exhibition project, is our reason to be. We continue to defend, without tiring, the original graphic work as a first-order art, from excellence and quality. We propose day after day to claim this sense, often in oblivion, in the Times that run. We feel the need to give society a call for attention to the process rather than the end result. The best way, apart from carrying out high technical requirements in our workshop, is to offer to the society coherent exhibition projects, in which the graphic work coexists in a natural way with the unique work, without free segmentations, in which the visitor can enjoy the artistic discourse thanks to different expressive means, in any case a universal language such as painting, sculpture, lithography, woodcut, engraving… the image. It is our responsibility, our commitment to society, especially at this time when culture has suffered a crisis of criterion, values and concepts. 

Not losing perspective, and marking a responsible and coherent line of action, is the way. The path we pledged to follow more than 36 years ago. The original graphic work is an expressive medium in itself, and so we show and demonstrate to society in each and every one of our proposals, by the hand of good artists, authors with trade, beyond aesthetic and excellent artistic evidence. This is the way, our way. 

Certainly in each picture, beyond technique, ink, paper and artistic value, above all, there is a part of the story that we keep alive thanks to the conservation of a very important part of our past and the soul that we contribute in each editions that come out of our workshop. 
The City’s Gold Medal is a small step further. We are aware that the scale to which we climb in origin, sometimes goes up and other goes down. Each step is soul, technique, art, responsibility, commitment, awareness, enthusiasm and a lot of effort. 

All I have to say is thank you. Thanks to all of you who have given us support over the years: to the artists (who are no longer there, to those who are and who will be), to the magnificent team of the house, to the subscribers, to the friends. Thanks to the city Council of Palma because we consider ourselves worthy of this recognition. Thanks to the number “6” and the letter “A” for how much they gave us, give us and give us. We continue to making culture.

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